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Your satisfaction is our top priority! If there are any issues with your order as received, we will make it right. Once the product has been used or altered, returns will not be accepted. Replacements or full/partial refunds may be issued after alteration on our discretion, after evaluation of the failure to determine cause (i.e. inherent flaw, user error, etc.). By placing an order with Burls and Steel, you agree that we reserve the right to issue refunds, replacements and accept returns on a case-by-case basis. 


Waiver of Liability: Liability for product safety lies solely on the end user. By purchasing from Burls and Steel, you agree that “Burls and Steel” and its operators, Ben and Sydney Spurrier, are as follows: 

1. Not liable for injuries sustained while using the item. 

2. Not liable for any injuries incurred due to the material characteristics (i.e. sharp blade, slippery handle, splintering, cracking, structural failure, etc.).


By purchasing from “Burls and Steel,” you acknowledge that knives are inherently sharp and therefore you relinquish your right to seek compensation for any injuries, physical damage to equipment, self and emotional stress incurred during product failure, and release “Burls and Steel” and Ben and Sydney Spurrier from liability. 

By purchasing from "Burls and Steel," you acknowledge and consent that you are of sound mind and legal age in your state to purchase or possess a knife. 

Colors in photographs may vary from actual product.

We require a signature upon arrival when shipping, to ensure you receive your product.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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