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Knife Care Instructions

All of our knives are handmade and we hope that you care for them so that they last forever.


2. Most of the knives made at Burls and Steel are out of high carbon steel, which has been said to hold its sharpness better than other steels. However, high carbon steel can rust if not properly cared for. After each use of your knife, hand wash with soap and water and dry immediately - do not leave wet! 

3. Every now and then, add a little of your favorite food-safe oil to your handle and blade, this will help make your knife last longer. We use high-quality camellia oil.

4. You may notice the color of your blade changing. Don't panic, this is normal! It's actually better to get a patina on your blade because it helps prevent rust. We like to think of the patina as the story of your knife, where it has been and what meals you have made. 

5. Certain foods can cause more of a patina than others. If you truly don't like/want the patina, it can be removed, but it will inevitably come back due to the nature of high carbon steel. 

6. High carbon steel reacts with acidic foods. You can still cut tomatoes, pineapple, grapefruit, etc. we just recommend you wipe your blade in between cuts. 

7. Use your favorite sharpening system at home to keep your blade lookin' sharp! You don't need to have a top-of-the-line sharpener, you can use a ceramic hone. 

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